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Monday, December 7, 2009

Your baby may be ......

1o month....
MASTERED SKILLS - most babies can:
• Crawl or shuffle quite fast
• Pull himself up
• Climb a few stairs and possibly slide down them
• Cruise around the furniture
• Pick things up with a pincer grasp
• Wave goodbye.

EMERGING SKILLS - may be able to:
• Play with stacking rings begins by taking them off as this is easier than putting them on. Learning to stack the rings in order of size will not come until your baby is older.
• Understand and follow simple instructions like ‘give me the teddy’
• Copy simple words that you say
• Play ball and roll a ball back to you
• Crawl through a play tunnel.

ADVANCED SKILLS - a few babies can:
• Start to push simple shapes e.g. square, circle, triangle, through a shape sorter
• Drink from a cup
• Stand alone for a few seconds.


Mommy Stephanie Liah And Daddy Remy Rizal said...

lama dah tak tgk pic terbaru alisha,dah lain muka dia.congrats on ur teeths ya!jaga elok2 nnti fairy tooth curikkkk gigi yg byk itew ya!

me n de alisha said...

hihihi, thanks ...mummy alisha busy tu yang lama tak upload latest picture, takpe nant akan I upload picture budak bam bam ni ye :)
Ish Fairy tooth,jangan lah curik gigi Alisha yang baru nak tumbuh tu ya :)

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