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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

At 4 months old, most babies can:
• Hold head steady when upright
• Sit in an upright position with support
• Can bear weight on his legs when supported
• Coo when you talk to him.

EMERGING SKILLS - may be able to:
• Start to roll over from front to back, but not able to roll from back to front
• Grasp a rattle or small toy
• Reach for an object.

ADVANCED – a few babies can:
• Imitate some simple sounds like da-da or ma-ma
• Sit without support.



Mommy Stephanie Liah said...

babe,dun worry to much abt ur daughter's milestone..every babies mmg lain2.ryan dulu umur 3bulan can meniarap sndiri n rolling back n vice versa..just imagine dia support badan dia seberat 8kg ms 3bulan..n he can sit at 4m,crawl at 5m.even can climb n pull himself up to stand at 6months w 12kg..berat bukan halangan.wht can u do is just encourage her to do so,but jgn paksa..

me n de alisha said...

huhuhu Alisha until now tak boleh meniarap sendiri yer...kalau kita meniarapkan dia, after 5 minute dia nangis...kesian juga tgk...but i do not to push her...anyway do u have blog? can I know the link?

Mommy Stephanie Liah said...

ok nvm slow2,here

Mommy Stephanie Liah said...

u can click terus kat nama 'mommy stephanie liah' said... tu k.

Mommy Stephanie Liah said...

mcm zaman baby i dulu..i tak pandai merangkak..mengengsot2 duduk dr 5bulan terus bjalan ms 10bulan..hehe.11bulan dah berlari dah.itu my mom ckp.klakar..

me n de alisha said...

wah advance lah u...hihihi

Mommy Stephanie Liah said...

bkn mmg tak pandai mrangkak.hehehe

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